Can skinny-dipping save your marriage?

Whether au natural is your forte or not when selecting a vacation getaway, there is certainly something to be said about embracing the tried-and-true skinny-dipping recreational activity with the one you love (at least once, in your lifetime!).

Relationships require hard work, dedication, determination, and most of all, fun! When marriage gets tough, life gets monotonous and the spark of your love life has started to dim, it’s time to shake things up. One sure way to do so…? Two words: skinny-dipping. While strutting your stuff sans suit may be a bit daunting, facing the fear with confidence and excitement is a sure-fire way to perk up your partner.

Below are 5 etiquette tips for skinny-dipping with your spouse:

1. Keep the adventure between the two of you.
Write him or her a suggestive note in their lunch or attached to the coffee maker in the morning, letting them know you’d like to go for a (skinny) dip later that night or weekend. Keep the subtle reminders going throughout the day or with flirtatious emails or text messages as your little secret.

2. Be spontaneous!
Waiting for the perfect time, weather or combination of both may have you waiting for longer than you’d like. Don’t get hung up on the logistics – just do it! Whether you’re dipping in your backyard pool, the ocean, or nearby lake, grab those towels and just GO. Spontaneity can do wonders for your marriage, if you’ll just open yourself up to the idea.

3. Find a quiet place to dive in.
If you are of the more discrete nature, you will want to plan ahead with a few options that you are comfortable with that don’t include tourist traps, your neighbors and their pool, etc. Find a spot that spells romance and passionate exclusion for the two of you, and make it your own.

4. Keep towels and clothes nearby.
Depending on the time of year you choose to embark upon your skinny-dipping adventures, you will want to be prepared. Keep extra towels and a few sweatshirts in the backseat of your car so you can be prepared on a whim to joyfully be warm post-swim even in the more frigid of temperatures.

5. Be “all in”.
Hey, if you’re a skinny-dipper, embrace it! Let loose, jump extra high into that body of water, and kiss your spouse passionately before heading back to dry land. The adventure of spontaneity is a wonderful gift to give your spouse all year long.

Happy swimming!

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Why not skinny-dip at Haulover or Gunnison Beach with thousands of others. You won't be seen in the crowd.
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