Couples and the Caribbean: Tropical Vacation Hacks

Hi Couples family,

We know that everyone wants to have the best vacation possible, but there’s always little things that get in the way. Well we’re here to help with a few of our very own hacks for your tropical vacation!

1. When down in the sun-drenched Caribbean, you gotta protect your head, preferably in a stylish hat. But few cute beach hats survive being crammed into a suitcase.

1. Make sure the hat fits in your suitcase brim-side down.
2. Pack clothing that lies flat (jeans, shorts, dresses and the like) in the bottom of the suitcase.
3. Fill the crown of the hat with items that pack small (swimsuits, workout clothes, scarves, that sort of thing.).
4. Place the hat in the suitcase brim-side down.
5. Pack your other items around the hat until your luggage is filled.

Boom, hat saved!

2. It’s easy to fall asleep in the warm sand and sun, and while your head may be safe, the rest of you is bound to get sunburned.

Get some aloe vera gel beforehand and keep it in the fridge, or a cooler for quick access. Pure aloe vera gel is great for soothing any kind of burns or even stings that you might get. It’s
even better when it’s chilled, because it takes away any kind of pain in just a few seconds.

3. Want to ensure you’re eating the freshest seafood during your vacation with the added benefit of saving yourself some money? Of course you do!

Hack: Booking a boat tour or a fishing trip and eating the fish you catch is the most efficient (and cost-effective!) way to enjoy the freshest catch that your island destination has to offer!

Hopefully, these’ll help with the small things that get in the way of that perfect getaway. Happy vacationing!

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