Couple's First Christmas

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays just a few short weeks ahead, I am excitedly preparing for our first Christmas as "Mr. and Mrs.". I grew up in a family big on traditions. In fact, we always spend Thanksgiving evening in the family room watching a Christmas movie after the large feast, and arise the next morning to promptly put up all our lights and decorations. Now that I have a new, smaller immediate family with just Bryan and I, I've started to ponder what traditions will make up our family holidays. Will we maintain a few of each of our larger family traditions, or break free and start anew? I've compiled a list of ideas, and would love your insight and recommendations from those of you who have been married for years and would be open to giving some advice to us newlyweds! Here it goes...

1. Give each other a set of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve (naughty or nice).

2. Write each other a romantic letter to open first thing Christmas morning before the opening of presents.

3. Read the Christmas story in Luke 2: 1-20 together.

4. Watch Christmas movies including: Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, and It's a Wonderful Life during the season.

5. Drive around town looking at holiday lights in festive neighborhoods, with hot chocolate or Peppermint Mochas in tow.

6. Pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it while the movie Elf is playing in the background.

7. Spend time volunteering for a charity and discussing charitable giving for the next year, such as the Issa Trust Foundation.

8. Send family and friends a holiday card (this one is in process to be sent out in a week or so) :)

9. Soak in as much family and friends time possible.

10. Curl up on Christmas night at home on the couch and eat some baked goodies, open a bottle of wine, and get excited about our upcoming trip to the Ocho Rios properties in January for the Anniversary Weekend! These items are just a start, but I would love your opinion on things we should add to the list for our Barrett's First Christmas!

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