Couples Sans Souci Introduces New Organic Hemp Spa Treatments

This blog post was written by Jude Issa.

Pioneering an emerging spa movement, Couples Sans Souci recently introduced a new line of Hemp spa treatments, which have gained a lot of attention and commendation from guests. Modern science reveals that hemp contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life, and the seeds contain many B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, calcium, and iron.

When you are welcomed to Charlie's Spa at Couples Sans Souci for your treatment, we recommend that our guests start off the spa experience with a pre-treatment ritual. First, we recommend spending five minutes in our seaside sauna - allowing blood vessels to become more flexible and extremities to benefit from increased circulation. Next guests can immerse themselves in our mineral pool, filled with potent healing waters from an underground spring. This will close the body's pores back up, pull the blood back into core organs, and reinforce natural defenses. The pre-treatment ritual wraps up at Charlie’s Juice Bar with a freshly made Hemp Smoothie replete with proteins, essential fatty acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

The treatment begins in the wet room where a warm mixture of hemp powder, hemp oil, and lemon essential oil is applied over the entire body. A plastic sheet will be used to cocoon the body, which will then be covered by a heated blanket and time will simply drift away while we lightly massage your scalp and head. Detoxification continues all through the treatment while toxins are pulled out and the body is purified consequently increasing vitality, bringing a feeling of calmness, and reducing inflammation. After rinsing off, the esthetician will moisturize the body with a light application of hydrating hemp lotion.

The abundance of benefits guests experience from the hemp spa treatments include: Production of smooth skin, a feeling of calmness, reduced inflammation and assisting with the treatment of bacterial infections are just a few. While the healing and restorative properties of the hemp treatments are undeniable, we have found that the relaxation effect may actually be the most compelling draw. So on your next visit to Couples Sans Souci, experience this new treatment and share your experience with us at one of our top Caribbean destinations.

NOTE: We are not advocating for or against the legalization of cannabis. We do however recognize the healing and wellness benefits of its various applications.

Contributed by: Jude Issa, Couples Resorts

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