CSS and CTI Anniversary Weekend Celebrations

I love anniversaries, and I sure do love parties. This weekend Couples Resorts celebrated the 10th anniversary of Couples Sans Souci and the 38th anniversary of Couples Tower Isle in style. The parties were fabulous, the guests were honored, and it was most evident that the teams at both properties were proud to be a part of such a special company.

Between all of the celebrations, I have outlined my top 5 moments of the weekend below. Next year, I'd love if you could join us!

1. Meeting our Couples Love Story winner and his wife in person.

Over a year ago, we hosted a "Couples Love Story" contest on social media where we garnered over 1,300 entries of guests' love stories and why they were so special and unique. Our winner, Alex Lane, won a trip to Couples Resorts for the 2015 January anniversary weekend but to their delight, had to postpone due to a baby on the way.  Our team chatted back and forth with Alex and we settled on hosting them at this year's party as an alternative. It was such a pleasure to connect with them and to hear their story and see it lived out. Alex and Diane are an incredible example of the romances that get enhanced and rejuvenated each trip to Jamaica. Their story is like many others, where newfound love and respect are fostered at Couples, a home away from home.

(Pictured below is Diane and Alex Lane with my husband Bryan and me)

2. Seeing Social Media come to life.

As the Chief Romance Officer of Couples Resorts I also find myself actively engaging with guests on various social media channels, including Facebook groups. I had the incredible opportunity to meet some of my all-time favorite social media contacts in person this trip and am so grateful they were in attendance so we could take this photo below. Ron and Liz Muir and Suzzette and Karl Allen, you are incredible, loyal guests of Couples and I am honored to know you! 

3. Golfing for a cause.

This weekend also included the 15th annual Ocho Rios charity golf tournament, where local golfers and Couples Resorts guests tee'd off for a cause to benefit local charities. On top of raising $1.9M JA for local charities, the tournament is a wonderful way locals and guests of Couples unite to give back. 

(Pictured below is Couples Resorts CEO Glenn Lawrence presenting the check to a local charity)

4. Connecting with loyal repeat guests year after year.

I was also honored to run into old friends Eugene and Jane Saks at the Couples Tower Isle anniversary party who were instrumental in pioneering the charity golf tournament as it now stands today. The Saks have been to Couples Resorts 82 times and blow me away with their love for Couples Resorts, local charities and most of all, for one another. They are an inspirational couple and I was thrilled to see them once again at this year's event.

5. Quality time with my one and only.

While I love interacting with guests, meeting new friends and reuniting with old, I sure do love getting to spend quality time with my love, Mr. B. We used this trip as a babymoon for the two of us as we prepare to become a family of three this spring.

Couples Resorts is so therapeutic to so many couples, including us. We treasure our getaway as much as you do and I am forever grateful that he is mine, and I am his. 

Hope to see you here next year!

One love,


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