Guest Spotlight Series: Mr. & Mrs. Doherty

Hi Couples family,

This month we are featuring Dave and Kay Doherty from Prince Edward Island, Canada as our special Guest Spotlight Series.

Carrie: How many times have you been to Couples Resorts, and which properties?
The Dohertys: We have been to Swept Away once and Sans Souci 11 times.

Carrie: How has Couples played a role in your personal love story?
The Dohertys: We both work at very busy jobs - Couples allows us the opportunity to spend quality time together and we love to meet new people. We have made friends with the staff and repeat guests. The Spa staff is amazing too! One couple John & Eadie Burke meet up with us each year. We have also taken couples with us once from PEI (Don & Judy Morrison) and our sister and brother in law from Northern Ireland (Gary & Alison Jamieson). They both felt that they were treated as visiting family instead of guests at a resort and still ask about the friends they made on their visits. Sans Souci is like a wonderful playground where we can totally relax and have fun.

Carrie: What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a first-time guest at Couples?
The Dohertys: Get to know the staff - they are amazing people. Walk the property - every inch of it and discover all its secrets - we still find new things even after 11 visits. Do not hesitate to ask for anything - the staff will move mountains to make your stay unforgettable.

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes Couples so unique?
The Dohertys: The beauty of Sans Souci makes it unique. Couples's mission to make sure that you return and the the many ways they do it is very special - from the rewards program, the training of the staff, the welcome home and hugs when you arrive. The Issa Trust foundation is unique and how they encourage all the guests to take part in their good work is great.

Carrie: In a single word, describe what Couples means to the two of you.
The Dohertys: Home

Carrie: Which staff members or fellow guests do you most look forward to seeing when you return?
The Dohertys: Staff that have become great friends of ours - Jhaneal, Veronique, Andrew, Noxroy, Alicia at Guest Services, Q, Ruth and the ladies at the Spa, Dalton, Suzette the Bar Manager, Milton, Sasha, Spagetti, Edgar, Medric, Mr. B, and many more.

Carrie: Fill in the blank: Our ideal day at Couples consists of _______________
The Dohertys: Wake up look out the window and smile because we are in paradise. Breakfast at the new Pallizini (great job on the renovations!) Mineral pool in the morning - water aerobics for Kay - Sauna for David, Lunch at the Grill or Palilizini then a few drinks at the Beach bar ( we love the view) maybe a nap then Martini Bar and Casanova for dinner. Listen to the tree frogs on the way home to our room.

Thank you, David and Kay, for offering to be a part of our Guest Spotlight Series! Do you or someone you know want to be featured in an upcoming spotlight? Email me at

One love,


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Carrie Barrett
Hi Clive, Are you referring to CSA or CSS? You can email me at and I'd be happy to chat. Carrie
Clive Spurgeon
Can you please tell me what room categories are available in building A & B facing the ocean Thanks

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