Guest Spotlight Series: Mr. & Mrs. Hunter

Hi Couples family,

This month we are featuring Tim and Amanda Hunter from Amarillo, Texas for our Guest Spotlight Series. They are full of life and love for Couples Sans Souci and you will see why after reading their interview. Enjoy!

Carrie: How many times have you been to Couples Resorts, and which properties?
The Hunters: We have been to Couples Sans Souci four times and will be returning the 1st of May to renew our 20 year wedding vows! CSS is the only Couples resort we have been to.  No offense to the other properties! 

Carrie: How has Couples played a role in your personal love story?
The Hunters: We will be married 20 years this July! When we return this May it will be our third vow renewal at CSS. After our first trip to CSS many years ago we realized just how much of a "Relationship Boost" it really is. The intimacy, relaxed, and worry-free atmosphere of Couple Sans Souci allowed us time to re-connect as a couple.  Each time we arrive "Home" a feeling of peace overwhelms us as we are greeted with the words "Welcome Home".  As a couple you can make friends, relax on the beach, or just do nothing (nothing can be pretty great).  Couples Resorts allows us time to have a stress-free moment to reconnect as a couple. It is also a prime opportunity to rediscover each other all over again and help reinforce our marriage.

Carrie: What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a first-time guest at Couples?
The Hunters: 
- SLOW DOWN! It's all Irie!
- Renew Your Vows! It means so much more each time and the wedding staff make it very worry free!
- Interact with the staff! Make new friends.  The Jamaican people are some of the nicest people in the world and will embrace you as you are! Respect Mon!

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes Couples so unique?
The Hunters: Gosh, where to start! Singing along to "Take Me Home Country Road" at the piano, listening to the saxophone from your balcony at sunset, renewing vows with the most amazing pastor, having crackers greet you every time you walk past, the food, snorkeling by the rocks and seeing everything from urchins to an octopus, having a "Couples Rock" painted, most of all - Being received as a family member every time we return "Home".  Oh, almost forgot about the wonderful sound of tree frogs at night!

Carrie: In a single word, describe what Couples means to the two of you.
The Hunters: Family

Carrie: Which staff members or fellow guests do you most look forward to seeing when you return?
The Hunters: Jheanel Wilson - A beautiful soul, Michelle Gordon - "The Fixer", Pierre Battaglia - The best resort manager in the world and Joseph Pendergast - Not on this earth but in Heaven. His spirit lives on at CSS.  A great Pastor and Man of God!

Carrie: Fill in the blank: Our ideal day at Couples consists of _______________
The Hunters: Breakfast, Sunset Beach all day, Lunch, Massages, Dinner, and the Festivities!

Thank you, Tim and Amanda, for offering to be a part of our Guest Spotlight Series! Do you or someone you know want to be included in a spotlight? Email me at

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