Island Dating Advice for Married Couples

Hi Couples family,

You know they say even once you’re married that you should never stop dating, and that keeping the “date” mentality helps keep the flames of romance lit. We’ve got three great ideas for an island “date night.”

1. Get out of your culinary comfort zone and share a culinary discovery with your sweetheart. There are so many different classic Jamaican dishes you can try, like Janga soup with Jamaican crayfish, or Mackerel Run Down, salted mackerel cooked in coconut milk and served with a choice of roast breadfruit, green bananas, or Johnny Cakes and accompanied by avocado and fried ripe plantain.

2. Ramp up the romance with experiences you won't find at home, like a romantic horseback ride on the beach, a candle lit dinner on the beach, swimming with dolphins, or even a catamaran sail against the beautiful tropical sunset! There’s no backdrop like the Caribbean for romantic activities to turn the spark between you and your partner into a roaring flame!

3. Sometimes the best gifts are experiences, learn something new you can do together back home, whether it’s tennis lessons, golf lessons, or something a little more thrilling, like surfing lessons or salsa dancing classes! Not only will you have something new to share with each other, it will also always remind you of your wonderful vacation!

Nothing stirs romance like an island setting, so go make the most of it and have some unforgettable date nights!

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