Jumpstart Your Love Life on Vacation

One of the best ways to rejuvenate a couple’s love life is the simple act of getting away. It can be near or far, but by leaving your everyday worries, obligations and responsibilities behind, you create a carefree environment to let loose and fall in love again. 

A veritable vacation takes that to the next level! You might choose an action-packed adventure trip where you channel your inner daredevil, zip lining through the forests, or hike up a mountain trail to see a panoramic view.

Or perhaps you choose to experience something new together, to act on the “I’ve always wanted to…” dreams and learn to scuba dive, rock climb or windsurf. The adrenaline-thrill of sharing new experiences does wonders for a couple’s love life.

And let’s not forget the beauty of simple alone time. It’s as perfect as when you first met, with eyes only for each other, every word crystal-clear with no interruptions or distractions. You’ll begin to see each other as if for the first time and fall in love all over again.

I love the way a vacation revs up a couple’s romantic life. Every night becomes date night. Take time to intertwine in the sheets. No one knocks at the door, leaving you to linger in those long, passionate kisses. 

Every relationship needs the gift of romance, adventure and awakening. Let travel jumpstart your love life, and remember these three essential rules:

1. Disconnect fully. Turn off your BlackBerry. Silence your iPhone. Disconnect to reconnect, and focus only on each other. For those who cannot detach for the entire vacation, at least relegate your electronic time to an hour each day. You’ll free up time to see sunrises and sunsets and have those spontaneous, intimate moments.

2. Engage your senses. Look. Listen. Touch. When you fully immerse yourself in the moment, taking in all the details of your interaction, the setting, eye contact and cadence of the other person’s voice, you’ll become closer, happier and more in love.

3. Take chances. Trying new things together, even those that might scare you will bring you closer. It could be as daring as cliff climbing or as simple as spicing up the romance behind closed doors.

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