New Year, Renewed Romance Resolutions

Happy New Year, Couples family!

We are four days into 2016, and I can't help but be filled with the excitement of a new year. A blank slate, a starting line to which we start fresh, filled with optimism and dreams of endless possibilities.

As we launch into the New Year empowered with vision and resolutions, I'd like to challenge us all to remain focused on our relationships with the following romance resolutions to renew your love and passion for each other this year.

Repeat after me the following resolutions and kick that romance into high gear for 2016 . . .

1. Promote Kindness
This year, I will be an optimist when it comes to conflict in my relationship. I will keep kindness close to my heart and thematically recognize every day how kindness can transform my relationship. 

2. Be Selfless
You know how the saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life". In a world where self-centeredness is the epicenter of our culture and everyday encounters, to be selfless and to find a partner that is selfless, is a rarity. This year, I will focus on how I can help my loved one in everyday situations. By putting my selfish tendencies aside and truly letting go of my own agenda, then will I find true fulfillment.

3. Focus on Spontaneity
I resolve to spice up my relationship by doing something fun and spontaneous once a month to enhance my romantic relationship. I will be thoughtful in my planning, and intentional with my time to make the most of quality time this year with the one I love.

4. Love LOVE
This year, I resolve to give my all to being in love. I will show my husband/wife that I LOVE being in love and most importantly, being in love with them. I will hold their hand often, always kiss them goodnight, and be publicly affectionate as a sign that I am proud to be theirs.

5. Take "Us" Time
In 2016, I will devote more quality time that is set aside for "us". I will be intentional about regular date nights, and will plan a trip back home to Jamaica ASAP. (We can dream, right? Hope we get the chance to welcome you back home to Couples this year). :)

Which resolutions would you add to this list? Comment below or tweet me at @MsCarrieEliz and @CouplesResorts.

One Love,


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