Playing = Staying Part 2: The Water Trampoline

Hi Couples family, Last week we kicked off the series"Playing = Staying" where we are discussing ways we can enjoy one another, be silly, be active, and enjoy various activities at Couples, around Jamaica, and even at home to keep the romantic spark alive through various active experiences. This week we're diving in (no pun intended) to chat about the water trampoline at Couples Tower Isle! Bryan and I were sitting on the beach the first day we arrived and over the course of 30 minutes, saw four different couples venture out into the water for that water trampoline. We were intrigued, and we decided to give it a-go. First step after we decided to go for it was to head straight from the beach out into the water.

We made it!

We stayed out on that wonderful water trampoline for an hour, and loved every minute of it. We even brought out some fresh smoothies from the bar after about 20 minutes to enjoy peacefully with a view and to chat about how much we LOVE to be on vacation, especially at Couples. We had fun letting the waves crash onto the trampoline, and enjoyed the view of both the island, and the resort from just a few yards off the main shore.

Mr. B even snuck in a kiss or two...

Make it a great week, and get out there for some adventure with your One.

One love,


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