Real Romance: Alex and Diane Lane

Hi Couples family,

We are starting a new series on the blog titled "Real Romance", where I will explore great love stories of past guests and from people around the world. I am in search of the best love stories and need your help in identifying these true love experiences to showcase on my blog.


We are debuting this new series with the winner of our "Couples Love Stories Contest" from last year. We set out on a search through social media to find the best Couples Resorts love story, and Alex Lane from Sacramento, CA was our winner. His story is like many others before him, and will be like many to come. It is of rekindled love and dedication. I will let Alex take it from here in his own words, which were submitted as part of the contest: 

I am honored to say that Couples San Souci resort was where we discovered we wanted to spend the rest of our life together and build a family. Ours is a story of reaffirmed love, and you created the wonderful experience and environment in which it happened. We are forever in your debt.   At the time, we were two hectic years into our marriage. Both of us being natural workaholics, we had selfishly focused on our careers instead of each other. We were beginning to have doubts. That's when a friend recommended we visit a Couples resort in Jamaica for our second wedding anniversary. Seeking any way that we could reconnect, I booked a 5-night stay at Couple San Souci. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Whether we were sunbathing by the pool with cocktails in our hands, enjoying a couple's massage, out on a tour, or taking in an evening meal and show, we had valuable time away from work to connect with each other. It was just the two of us. We rediscovered our senses of humor, our commonalities and how much we truly and deeply care for each other.   On our last night at the resort, we walked hand-in-hand along the moonlit beach, warm water lapping at our ankles. We spoke about our plans, our future.  Finally, we gazed in each other's eyes and made the decision to have a baby together. We shifted our focus from ourselves to our love for each other and desire to have a family.   However, the road from romance to a child can be a bumpy one. Beginning at your resort, we tried for almost a year. I am now honored to say that my beautiful wife is pregnant with a baby boy. I am over the moon (that same moon that lit our path on that last night at Couples San Souci) with joy. I feel so lucky, and I have your stunning resort and amazing staff to thank for creating an experience that allowed us to realize our true path as a couple.   We would be honored to relive that experience and once again reaffirm our love. - Alex Lane

Thank you, Alex and Diane for sharing your real romance story with us. Do you know a couple who's story should be featured in an upcoming post? Please email me at for a chance to be featured.

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