Rekindle the Flame at Couples Resorts

It’s finally happening. You wake up and realize that all the years of getting up early preparing the kids for school, transporting them to extracurricular activities, and sending them to college has now ended. You are now free to do what you want when you want to do it!

So what’s next on your agenda? Why not create a bucket list of all the things you have only dreamed of and action them. Allow your mind to start daydreaming about that relaxing, romantic vacation; now turn that daydream into reality with a getaway of a lifetime. In your quest for romance and relaxation, we suggest you consider a couples only resort, free from kids and singles. Wondering what the best Jamaican resorts has to offer? Read below why a vacation at Couples Resorts will help relight the spark in your relationship and rekindle that flame from the moment you first saw each other.

Reminisce together - Ask yourselves, what attracted you to each other? Remember all the spontaneous fun you used to have. Once you remember the rush of that first spark of love, move on to the next steps to reignite it again.

Plan a special date night - Re-energize your romance and plan a special date. With private dinner options available on the beach or in a sensual garden, you can try recreating your first date; or create new memories with the assistance of the guest services team.

The tree house at Couples Negril is available for private dinner options

Find a new passion together - Find passions that you can share. Be sure to visit our tour desks or watersports department and see what activities are offered that both of you can partake in and spend quality time together. Getting to know your partner again over a cooking class or dance class may also spark flames faster than you expect.

Renew your Vows - Relive that magical experience and say, “I do” all over again to re-affirm your love and commitment to each other in one of the breathtaking gardens or beaches at Couples. Not married yet? Create a memorable moment at Couples Resorts where you will find everything you ever dreamed of for your special day.

Couple renewing their vows

After raising five children, now aged 34-39, Mr. and Mrs. Griesser (pictured below) have named Couples Resorts their “ideal Caribbean getaway” and vacation to the Caribbean island twice yearly. We’d love to hear how Couples Resorts has helped you and your special someone rekindle the flame and experience the vacation of a lifetime below!

Mr. & Mrs. Griesser from Canada

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