Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas: Quality Time

Hello Couples family, Happy holidays! To me, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. Cliche as it may be, I am one happy camper come Christmastime. The music, sweets, holiday movies, and lights get me every time. I also especially love the giving nature of the holidays to spend time finding that perfect gift for that perfect someone... one that is sentimental and personal, regardless of cost. I especially love to give gifts that are usually centered around an event or quality one-on-one time. This week I have compiled a list of gift ideas that don't cost anything aside from a bit of creativity and using everyday items around the home to sweep your love of their feet this season.

This year, give the gift of QUALITY TIME with these romantic ideas:

1. Dim the lights, light some candles, and put on "your song" as you slow dance around your home.

2. Grab a piece of paper and pen, and leave little love notes telling them what you love about them around the house such as tucked near his or her favorite ornament on the tree, taped to the bathroom mirror or car steering wheel, or on their pillow before they crawl into bed for the night.

3. Write a love letter and send it in the mail. Yes, with a stamp and all... who doesn't love a good ole fashioned love note? Sit down together with a glass of wine or hot chocolate and read it together.

4. Surprise them with breakfast in bed. Make their favorite breakfast item, brew some coffee (preferably Blue Mountain), and curl up in the sheets sharing a fun and surprising meal.

5. Go stargazing on a clear night. Pack a picnic with some of your favorite goodies, bundle up, blindfold him/her and take them to a unique spot around town to toss out a blanket and snuggle up while you admire the beautiful sky and stars.

6. Play a board game, and the loser has to give the other a 30 minute massage via candlelight. Hello, competition!

7. Sit on the couch and play "I Spy" with all the ornaments on your tree.

8. Pull out your photo albums or wedding album and reminisce as you relive some of your favorite and romantic memories. Perhaps open up a bottle of wine or champagne that was served at your wedding for extra brownie points.

9. Have a treasure hunt. Start the hunt with a text containing a cryptic clue hinting to what the date includes, and create a treasure hunt around your house leading to different areas & activities. It’ll be a unique & fun way of spending time together, especially if the end result is a handmade gift or note for them!

10. Create the ultimate love nest. Put on silky sheets, light some candles, add extra fluffy pillows and play some soft music while you slip into something more comfortable and enjoy quality time with one another. What other quality time activities would you add to the list?

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