Staff Spotlight: Konrad Malcolm

Carrie: How long have you been employed to Couples Resorts?
Mr. Malcom: 12 years

Carrie: What do you like most about your job?
Mr. Malcom: Being challenged on a daily basis.

Carrie: How has working for Couples Resorts impacted your life?
Mr. Malcom: It has had a profound impact on my life. It has afforded me the opportunity to build a solid networking system with others within the industry and is contributing to me being one step further to financial independence.

Carrie: What is your favourite food/dish?
Mr. Malcom: Chicken foot soup

Carrie: Is there a particular person who motivates/inspires you at work?
Mr. Malcom: Absolutely. My General Manager. I have always admired Miss Lanigan’s tenacity and resilience in her daily operation.

Carrie: Tell us a little about your family life.
Mr. Malcom: I am a father of three, two boys and one girl [Kaysen 17, Domonic 14 and Natalia 7]

Carrie: What is your most memorable moment or interaction with a guest?
Mr. Malcom: Morning coffee with Bill at Couples Negril [Many time returning guest].

Carrie: Greatest achievement to date:
Mr. Malcom: Being a dad!

Carrie: How did you get into your current role?
Mr. Malcom: I would like to believe that I worked hard and smart for it.

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes CSA so unique?
Mr. Malcom: It has a fantastic team member base.

Thank you, Mr. Malcolm, for offering to be a part of our Staff Spotlight Series!

One Love,


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