Turn You and Your Partner into the Perfect Travel Companions

Hi Couples family! We all know that traveling can be an amazing experience, but a lot of it depends on who you travel with. How you get on with your travel companion can make or break the trip, and you want your vacation with the one you love to be perfect. Here’s five tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and make your partner – and you – into the perfect traveling team!

1. Play to your strengths. In travel, as in life, it helps to assign tasks based on you and partner’s individual strengths. Who’s best at navigating? Who’s the master of scheduling? Which one of you always knows where the best food will be? (That one is always important!). Sometimes one half of the couple will try to do everything themselves so that their partner can relax, but just end up stressing themselves out! Figure out what each of you do best, and do it! 

2. Take time to be alone. In your day-to-day life, you have work, friends and other obligations that disappear when you go on vacation and suddenly you and your partner are together all day, every day. Instead of feeling pressured to spend every waking second with together, give yourselves a little alone time to unplug. Maybe you want a nap and they want to hit the beach. It’s okay, even couples need a break from each every now and then. It’s meant to be a vacation for both of you!

3. Know When to Have an Opinion. Let’s face it, no one likes the back and forth tennis match of “Oh I don’t care, whatever you want.” While it’s important that both of you get a say in where you go, where you eat, what activities you do and so on, it can put all of the responsibility for coming up with good ideas on one of you. And if doesn’t go well, there’s always hurt feelings and guilt involved. So make sure you take turns in choosing things and trying new things, which leads to our next tip:

4. Keep an Open Mind. The whole point of travel is to experience things you couldn’t at home. And if you or your partner go abroad closed-off to anything new or different, what was the point of even going? Sometimes you or you partner might need a little push to try something new, and you can’t be afraid to nudge or be nudged, especially if it leads to fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. 

5. Know Each Other’s Limits. While this last tip can seem contradictory to tip number 4, just as it’s important to know when your partner needs that extra push to try something new, it’s just as important to know when to stop pushing. It works both ways, don’t feel pressured into a situation where you’re extremely uncomfortable to please your partner (not everyone wants to go bungee-jumping or deep-sea diving). Like all good couples, practice clear and open communication so you know each other’s limits and are ready to have fun.

There you go, all the tips you need to make you and your partner the ultimate travel companions. Now there’s nothing to stop you from having a fabulous travel experience together!

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