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Watching cricket is better together

The British introduced cricket to Jamaica in 1895 and next to football it’s the most popular sport. Cricket is played throughout the country, even in rural areas. While Jamaica’s national cricket team competes regionally in Sabina Park in Kingston, plenty of local tournaments for men and women are held in parishes such as St. Elizabeth and in cities such as Montego Bay. As popular as cricket is worldwide, many people don’t know the rules and shy away from watching. A better alternative, especially for couples, is to learn the basics together and help each other enjoy the excitement of watching a live, fiercely competitive game. Here are a few facts to get you started. Teams have 11 players each and the field is a bit longer and wider than a football field—but it’s oval shaped. A bowler throws the ball to a wicket keeper, much like a pitcher to a catcher in baseball.
The batter or striker stands in front of the wicket and tries to hit the ball into the field, where the rest of the opposing team is waiting to catch the ball before it hits the ground. In that case, the batter is out. If the ball hits the ground, the striker and a non-striker teammate run back and forth between the wickets, scoring points. Of course, cricket has all sorts of nuances and unusual terms, including nurdle (when the batsman nudges the ball into a gap), zooter (a kind of knuckleball delivery with no spin), and sandstone crusher (a ball thrown at the batter’s toes).

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