“The Couples family believes man cannot improve on nature and Jamaica's environment is its grand asset. The paradisiacal island in its pure state is what we would like our guests to experience while accommodated in comfort. We intend to do our part in keeping Jamaica clean and uncontaminated.”

– JANE ISSA Head Designer/Owner


Each of our properties participates in, and passes, the annual global EarthCheck Certification Program and is committed to sustainability excellence.

Reduce, reuse,

Guests receive complimentary sports water bottle souvenirs upon check-in that they are encouraged to use during their stay and refill at various filtered water stations around property. This change prevents a half-million discarded plastic bottles from ending up in Jamaica’s landfills every year.

carbon footprint

Couples Resorts does not use gas-generated blowers for the tending of the grounds. We promote open-air dining to reduce both energy consumption and harmful CFCs. We have replaced incandescent bulbs with energy-saving alternatives and encourage guests to be conscious of towel use, so energy and water are not used unnecessarily.

Local Beach

We follow protocols, as advised by international coastal engineers, to bury seaweed on the beach after a storm. We take every step possible to avoid cutting down trees on the beach in order to combat erosion. Our watersports teams ensure divers do not touch coral reefs and anchors are never dropped into dive sites to maintain the integrity of the ocean and natural habitats.


We use natural alternatives to fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers at each property and make use of the naturally fertile tropical soil while manually removing pests. Whenever possible, we make use of shredded newspaper to wrap fragile items sold in the gift shops and donate the remainder of our paper to local flower shops. We make use of recycled water to rinse down tennis courts and ensure drivers of tour buses turn off their car engines whilst in the lobby area to reduce emissions.

We Source Locally

At Couples Resorts, we love showcasing and supporting local artists and companies in our gift shops, and as a company, commit to source locally whenever possible to avoid the carbon release of large freighters. We also support local businesses by sourcing essential Jamaican oil manufacturers in our resort spas, and when we work on a new construction project, we commit to using local companies who specialize in Jamaican artisanship to relay to our guests authenticity to our country and her people.

Staff Awareness

Couples Resorts has an environmental supervisor at each resort to monitor energy consumption and to keep staff informed of sound environmental practices.

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