Herba Kedabra
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Couples interested in knowing their future often get their palms read at Herba Kedabra in Ocho Rios. It’s entertaining, revealing and amazing how accurate the palm reader can be. While some may scoff at this popular folk divination, palm reading has been a part of the Jamaican culture for centuries. The reader typically examines the lines crisscrossing your hand, the sizes and shapes of your fingers, and even the fleshy mounts on your palms that are supposedly related to the influences of the planets. There’s no telling what the palm reader will discover in just one session. It may involve your love life, whether you’ll be rich, or what the future holds in general. But don’t sit back and leave it entirely to the palm reader. Feel free to ask questions, which adds to the fun—and drama, especially if your partner starts to get a little squeamish.
The atmosphere at Herba Kedabra enhances the experience because the shop is filled with mystical products, mixtures of healing herbs and exotic potions. Look around and you might find something of interest. For example, vervain grows throughout Jamaican and herbalists commonly use it for a variety of purposes. Also known as Love Bush, vervain is believed to be an aphrodisiac because it’s full of bioflavonoids that may lower inhibitions.

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