April 22nd, 2014 03:15 PM

No need for Club Mobay

Caribbean Air flight 030 from FLL arrived on time at Sangster - 10:40. At 10:55 we were standing at the luggage carousel. I don't knock anyone who uses the services of Club Mobay and spends $!60, but I'd be really ticked off to have booked it today.

Rainy day here at CSA, nice to just crash in our 2nd-floor Atrium suite after traveling.
April 22nd, 2014 02:00 PM

Back from CSS, a few comparisons to CN

A great week at CSS. Food and weather were great! We will go back, but not sure we would choose it over CN very often. Here are some of things my wife and I talked about on the flight home. Please note that we are giving our views and opinions... not yours. If you disagree with anything I say below it is simply because we have different opinions. No harm there! Respect to all!

1) I LOVE walking around CSS! There are so many beautiful views and cool spaces hidden around the resort. It is beautiful!
2) We were in A34 (Beachfront Suite) and loved just about everything about the room.
3) The food was the equal of that at CN (and better than most resorts by a long shot!)
4) The renovation at SSB classed up that space a great deal! It looks great and the absence of a nude pool at CN is the one real weakness of that facility at CN!
5) The Friday Gala was excellent, the food was great and since it is held on the grassy area the sand was not a problem as it sometimes can be. Top notch!
6) Every staff member we came into contact with was friendly and helpful! Great staff throughout the resort!

So-So stuff-
1) Casanova was disappointing the one night we went there. It was extremely hot up there (far warmer than the temps down toward the beach level!) and if the place has A/C it was not on. The french doors out to the patio area were propped open and there was no air moving at all. Some ceiling fans out in the area near the piano would be very helpful, and A/C would be even better given the dress code for long pants. The Piano player was banging away (and seemed very talented) but another band was playing outside the Balloon Bar at the same time and it was like a discordant battle of the bands all at once. Would not have been an issue of they had closed the doors and turned on some A/C. :) We both ordered tenderloin steaks medium, but one came out bloody rare and one came out cooked to death. We had reservations for another night but we cancelled. It wasn't worth the trek up there for us.
Otaheite and Lychee are both far better IMO (at least that night with the conditions and the food not being great at Casanova... I assume it is probably much better most of the time since so many rave about it. We just caught them on a bad night I guess).
2) While we loved our room we won't miss the jacuzzi tub when they do the remodel. The thing took forever to fill up and the jets were weak. Kind of a waste of space we thought.
3) The Wifi only worked consistently at our suite when we were on or near the balcony, but not well from the seating area and not at all from the bedroom.
4) The beaches were just not pleasant to walk on due to the rocks and vegetation in the water. Not bad for north coast beaches, but they of course pale in comparison to CN. When/if we go back to CSS we will wear water shoes if we go in the water. We talked to two people who had stepped on sea urchins hidden in the rocks and vegetation and they had to spend some unpleasant time in pain and having spines plucked out.
5) Showtime at the Balloon Bar ... entertainment was good.... the same as other resorts but the chairs all lined up side by side just is not as nice as a table in the main dining room in front of the stage at CN with ceiling fans blowing and a table to sit at.

Areas that really need improvement IMO ( and remember... this is simply my opinion and it is no more right nor wrong than yours or anyone elses!)
1) The repeat guest dinner at CN was great by comparison. At CN last time we had filet mignon steaks with grilled shrimp (out of lobster season) and it was perfect! We were served flawlessly inside the great A/C at Lychee. The steaks were big and perfectly cooked as were the shrimp. At CSS we stood in line for the main dish out around the main pool and were each given a wooden skewer with 4 bites of steak on it and 4 grilled shrimp. It was just not the classy affair that we enjoyed at CN last time. This could use some improvement. I would have chosen another dinner at Bella Vista instead of this repeater dinner, but wouldn't have traded my repeater meal at CN for any other meal!

Things that were simply awesome at CSS!
1) Bella Vista was the best place to eat at CSS day or night! During the day it was 1000 times better than the beach grill at CN! Instead of standing around waiting for my number to be called or my pager to go off to go get my food at the counter at CN, at CSS we ordered lunch from a nice menu with cloth napkins and excellent table service! CN needs to up it's game at their beach grill IMO! Bella Vista was even more perfect at night with the cool breeze off the water literally just feet away from our table! As it stands now, if we go back I will eat every night at Bella Vista (when it's open). Just great we thought! Day and night!
2) The Martini Bar was a great addition at CSS! Loved it!
3) The sheer beauty of the place! It is spectacular in so many ways!

All in all, another great Couples Vacation and we look forward to the next one.
April 21st, 2014 07:50 PM

Beach towels

Do we need to bring our own beach towels to Couples or are they provided by the hotel? I dont mind bringing them, but was hoping to travel light! 34 days and counting :)
April 22nd, 2014 01:59 PM

Booking More than a Year in Advance

We are looking to book trip #6 for some time in 2015-'16. We've never had the luxury of being able to book so far in advance before and be able to take advantage of the wonderful resort credits and good prices. Of course, a lot can happen in one's life in a year or more necessitating a change or cancellation.

I know that Couples has its generous cancellation policy up until 45 days out. However, that still leaves last minute issues/illnesses. This makes me think I also need trip insurance which needs to be purchased at the time we book or close to it. So, if we change or cancel, we lose the cost of the trip insurance, right? In that case, the cancellation policy doesn't seem that great after all. Do people just not purchase trip insurance who book far in advance? This seems risky to me. Any thoughts or insights would be really helpful. Thanks!
April 22nd, 2014 01:06 PM

At CSA now...new observations

New chairs at Beach Grill...awesome! No more numbers on the table, now you get the coaster-shaped buzzer that flashes blue lights when your food is ready. Also awesome, but can someone please turn the beepers off? Hearing them every 30 seconds is a bit much! I think everyone can see the flashing blue lights. New jerk sauce tubs...very cool! New sauce also great (albeit less heat).

Very loud, very obnoxious music coming from... Beaches next door? It's nowhere on this resort! All. Day. Long. Front desk doesn't know where it's coming from.

Service in the Palms fabulous as always, staff über friendly everywhere!! If you see Rosetta in the Palms, congratulate her on her baby girl, who is already 5 months old!

Check in was smooth sailing...got a fabulous atrium suite!

Spa later on today with my dear friend Colienette... Dinner at Lemon Grass for our first anniversary (got married on the beach here last 4/20).

Did I mention how much we love this place?!
April 22nd, 2014 12:43 PM

We have our reasons…what are yours?

We just debuted an offer celebrating Summer and all the reasons why we think Couples is a notch above the rest…check out our 50 Reasons Why Summer Sale. Moreover, we know that our loyal guests have a thousand more reasons why they return to Couples and we’d love to hear from you.

scroll down the page to see the list: http://couples.com/special-offers/_promo/50RG.php

and I'll start....I think we need to add:

Jerk sauce!