Health & Wellness

  • Spa

    A haven of serenity, our award-winning spa features an extensive menu of body treatments, facials, beauty services and massage therapies (including aromatherapy and couples massage) that take relaxation to a new level of bliss. LEARN MORE

  • Massage classes

    Our professional massage staff shares tips on the fine art of massage, teaching couples how to give each other this amazing and romantic treat. Classes are offered three times per week.

  • Tennis & Land Sports

    Our tennis pros and professional-grade clay and hard surface courts are sure to please even the most passionate tennis player. Sign up for daily private instruction or participate in a group clinic twice a day. Indoor racquetball, squash and table tennis also available.

  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center

    Our state-of-the-art fitness facility features high-tech cardio machines (including treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles) and free weights, as well as a full menu of aerobics, spinning, Pilates, meditation, and yoga classes taught by our team of certified trainers.

  • Yoga and Pilates classes

    Develop your body strength and flexibility through our aerobic workout challenges tailored to all fitness levels.

  • Meditation classes

    Enlighten your senses and find your center with our meditation classes. Embrace your own spirituality through inner peace, leaving behind your stress and awaken your mind and body.

  • Power Walking

    Exercise without significant impact on your joints. Power walking is an alternative to jogging for a low-to-moderate exercise regime. Add intervals to create a more intense workout.

  • Kickboxing

    Boost your stamina with kickboxing, a form of martial arts that combines boxing with elements of karate, in particular kicking with bare feet. Considered to be one of the more intense forms of exercise, this type of gym training can be taken to the next level by choreographing kickboxing maneuvers to music.

  • Aquacise classes

    For guests seeking to lessen impact on their bones, joints and muscles, Aquacise fitness is for you. Aquatic fitness utilizes buoyancy to take extra stress and pressure away from stresses areas. Our class exercises range from basic aerobics to resistance training.

  • Aerobics

    Combine aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training in our fun on-property fitness classes.

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