Special Nights

  • Wine Tasting Party

    On Thursdays at 5 pm, Couples hosts a wine tasting in the Ballroom Bar Terrace showcasing selections from the Chairman's wine list.

  • Couples Jamaica Nights

    Every Tuesday, Couples throws a Jamaica Night at 7 pm on the main lawn, which features a Caribbean buffet and dynamic performance by Jamaica's finest local entertainment. An after party jam starts at the Au Naturel Beach at 10:15pm.

  • Repeat Guest Dinner

    Every Wednesday at 7 pm, we host a party to celebrate our loyal Repeat Guests. The party is held at the main pool.

  • Lobster Night

    On Wednesdays, every restaurant serves lobster specialties when in season, July 1 - March 31.

  • Manager's Cocktail Party

    Every Monday at 6 pm, the General Manager is pleased to host the Manager's Cocktail Party at the Main Pool.

  • Starlight Gala and Cabaret

    Our Friday night Starlight Gala and Cabaret is hosted at 7:30pm on the main lawn followed by a disco party at the Au Naturel Beach.

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