Couples Resorts Celebrated in Canada, eh?

Hi Couples family,

One of my absolute favorite parts about being the Chief Romance Officer, is the people and loyal Couples enthusiasts I get to meet and engage with on social media each and every day. One such loyal guest is Mr. Lloyd Holloway, who also happens to manage a Couples Sans Souci fan page on Facebook.  Lloyd loves ALL THINGS Couples Resorts and so much so, that he even put together a get-together in Canada this summer to see fellow guests and friends. The party was a Couples and Jamaica-themed party hosted by Debbie and Aaron Cox in Kitchener Ontario last month. Lloyd and friends posted the event on the Couples Resorts Message Board as well as on the Facebook fan groups to drum up interest in a Canadian get-together. Needless to say, the event rallied nine couples and included reggae music, an authentic Jamaican buffet with jerk chicken, rice and peas, lots of salads, beef patties, and of course, Appleton Rum and Red Stripe.

I love this group shot of the party attendees, including: Debbie and Aaron Cox (host and hostess), Lloyd and Gillian Holloway, Debbie and Alvin Manuel, Grant Clawson and Sheri LeBouthiller, Brenda and Matt Church, Jane and Jimmy Neudorf, Nancy and Bob Caskey (all the way from Philadelphia!), Lily and Bruno Iannacito, and Mike Hinz and Kristen Lewis.

Lloyd even asked if I'd FaceTime in to the party to chat with the guests - how cool is that? Here is a photo I took on my phone when I was talking with Lloyd and his beautiful wife Gillian. Even though I couldn't be there in person, I sure enjoyed getting to say hello and speak with so many Couples Resorts loyalists all the way in Canada.

Until next time!

One love,


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