New Years Resolutions for the Couples-aholics

Happy (almost) New Year, Couples family! As is customary this time of year to reflect on the previous 12 months and make grand gesture resolutions to help encourage self-improvement for the upcoming year, I decided it would be fun to create a list of New Years resolutions for the Couples-aholics in us. Because, let's face it. When you are obsessed with Couples and it's all your family and friends hear about in social situations, it's time for some resolutional help.

Repeat after me.... next year, I will...

1. Not rub in my countdown and single digit dance across all my social media channels.

2. Lose those extra pounds before jet setting home for Couples this year.

3. Not smirk with my love across the room at the mention of vacation, jerk chicken, Bob Marley or other Jamaican and Couples reminders in front of others.

4. Contain myself and my excitement upon arrival at the Couples lounge at Montego Bay. No one likes a scene.

5. Not be greedy and load up on all the Appleton Rum and Blue Mountain Coffee I can get my hands on before heading back home.

6. Only use my favorite Couples screensaver when we are one month out from vacation so as not to make my co-workers jealous.

7. Not obsessively refresh the Couples Resorts Message Board to anxiously await replies to my posts.

8. Only check the Couples Facebook groups once a day... ok, twice a day. Come to think of it... I love doing all of these things. No New Year is worth sacrificing my excitement for Couples. Forget this list.... I am officially adding all of these items to my "to do" list for 2015 :)

Cheer and happy New Year!

One love, Carrie

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