Playing = Staying Part 1: Dunn's River Falls Adventures

Hi Couples family, I am very excited to launch a new series that will take us on an adventure as we discover many ways to have fun with each other. So much of daily life can be filled with stress, busyness, and not enough time to just be with the one you love. I'm dedicating these next couple of weeks to focusing on the notion that "the couple that plays together, stays together". Being goofy, having fun, and enjoying activities together is a fantastic way to flirt, be daring, and enjoy life's adventures hand in hand. This week, we are going to showcase the excursion of Dunn's River Falls. Just a stone's throw from Ocho Rios, Dunn's River is an included excursion at Couples Resorts most popular with guests who stay at Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci and is a fun adventure of hiking up cascading water falls. My husband Bryan and I enjoyed this excursion immensely. We woke up the morning of the excursion, ate a quick breakfast, then were greeted in the lobby of Couples Tower Isle by our driver and a group of about 20 other couples, and we were off for our quick drive to the falls! When we departed the bus, we kept only our swimsuits, sneakers and GoPro and made our way to the base of the falls for the journey ahead... This is me on the walk down to meet our guides.

A look up the falls...

After we walked down to meet our guides, they took us to the beach and the base of the falls to start the hike. They instructed us to stand in a single file line so we could make our way up the falls in an organized fashion. We stopped a few photo opp places along the way, including this one below. I was surprised at how chilly the water was considering how warm the air temperature was, but I obliged, nonetheless :)

After about 10 minutes of stepping on rocks and water crashing around us, the guide decided to call out a few of us, including Bryan and I, to "leave the group" and do the more daring climbs and work arounds up the falls. Bryan and I especially like adventure, so we were up for the challenge and enjoyed what was in store for us! One such task included a "trust fall" at the falls with our guide as we turned to face him and he pushed us back first into the water. Listen carefully to the second video below for the SPLAT I make!

Now, my turn....

All in all, we were very impressed with the Dunn's River Falls excursion, and were happy to have experienced the fun and adventure together. At one point, hand in hand, we encouraged each other by the guide's recommendation, to hike up a crashing water fall offshoot where we hiked a steep incline and had nothing but our hands to guide us up the crashing water. It was a scary, yet exhilarating accomplishment when we made it up, and I'm so happy we did so together. Life is an adventure, and we enjoyed the display at the falls and will be back for more! What are some of your favorite memories at Dunn's River Falls? Post your pictures below in the comments section and share your story.

One love,


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