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Hi Couples family, Last week kicked off our "Share the Love" campaign, where we started February with various ways to love yourself. Now, we will look at ways you can express your love for one another. With the busyness of life, it can be tough to find little ways to show them that you care. During this romantic month (and every month, for that matter), make the effort to continually show how much you love your "+1".

This week we are going to tackle the art of the love letter. Below are different ways to enhance the ordinary note with sweet and unexpected written surprises.

While not everyone has the pleasure of currently joining us in Jamaica and at Couples, we still love this photo above and it is a nice reminder that these personal touches are encouraged even while at the Most Romantic Place on Earth. (That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?) OK, I digress... Below I have outlined 10 ways to enhance the novelty of the love note:

1. Determine the paper or medium. Post-It note, torn sheet of lined paper, bathroom mirror...?

2. Hand write it. This goes a long way and shows extra effort. You can also get creative with how you write it. For instance, you can grab a lipstick or mirror marker and write the note on the bathroom mirror for them to see when they get up and are getting ready for work.

3. Surprise and delight. Place the note or message someplace unexpected. If they are reading a book, write a note on the bookmark or page they left off. Another idea is to place a note on the toothpaste or inside the medicine cabinet. If I am away for the night, I will sometimes leave Bryan a note on his pillow for him to find right before he goes to bed.

4. Make it "you". Be yourself and let your personality shine through when writing the notes.

5. Connect with inside jokes and references to make the note feel special and thoughtful.

6. Quote your favorite movie, song, or saying.

7. Create a scavenger hunt and place notes throughout the house with various clues that lead to you or a special gift. You can get creative with this one...

8. Seal the note with a kiss (ladies, put on some lip stick and pucker up). Spraying your cologne or perfume on the note also helps trigger those pheromones :)

9. Use the notes to encourage one another. Love is expressed many ways, and encouragement and motivation are two important ways to show just how much you value each other.

10. Stay consistent. Whether a daily text message, hand-written note in the packed lunch, or a note on the mirror, stay intentional with showing your love just how much you love and appreciate them. What other things would you add to my list? Would love to hear about them below in the comments section!

One love, Carrie

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