Staff Spotlight: Creshena House

This month as part of our Staff Spotlight Series, we are proud to feature Creshena House, Sales Team Leader at Couples Sans Souci. 

Carrie: How long have you been employed to Couples Resorts?
Creshena: 7 years

Carrie: What do you like most about your job?
Creshena: Showing how awesome the property is to new persons and how the property feels tranquil.

Carrie: How has working for Couples Resorts impacted your life?
Creshena: It made me grow into the kind of young lady I am today: a hardworking, team player and shows that there is always a way to move forward.

Carrie: What is your favorite food/dish?
Creshena: Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Pizza

Carrie: Is there a particular person who motivates/inspires you at work?
Creshena:Everyone motivates me in one way or the other.

Carrie: Tell us a little about your family life
Creshena: I am from a family of five sisters and two brothers - very busy!

Carrie: What is your most memorable moment or interaction with a guest?
Creshena: When a bride hugged me crying by the Gazebo steps just before she walked up the aisle thanking me for making her dreams come true.

Carrie: Describe Couples Resorts in one word...
Creshena: Relaxation

Carrie: What is your greatest achievement to date?
Creshena: Moving from a Sales Trainee to Sales Team Leader and almost completing my Associates Degree in Programme & Project Management.

Carrie: How did you get into your current role?
Creshena: Determination and inspiration of moving forward and coming out of my comfort zone.

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes your resort so unique?
Creshena: it's lush vegetation and different flowers makes it feel like a garden which brings intimacy and love for everyone.

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