Staff Spotlight Series: Yvonne Forrester

Hi Couples family,

This month we are featuring Yvonne Forrester,  Central Reservation Centre – Team Leader out of our Montego Bay office for our staff spotlight series. Read along as you learn more about her and her passion for Couples.

Carrie: How long have you been employed to Couples Resorts?
Yvonne: I been employed for 25 years

Carrie: What do you like most about your job?
Yvonne: I love the personal interaction w/clients and helping them to make a memorable vacation

Carrie: How has working for Couples Resorts impacted your life?
Yvonne: They have inspired my life, believed in me & supported me, they have made a difference in my life, I am thankful for the opportunity to work for the company.

Carrie: What is your favorite food/dish?
Yvonne: Steam fish (snapper) with sweet potatoes, green banana & steamed vegetables.

Carrie: Is there a particular person who motivates/inspires you at work?
Yvonne: I would have to say Mr Lee Issa and the way he operates his business successfully, it motivates me to be a part of that success.

Carrie: Tell us a little bit about your family life
Yvonne: Well, I am married and very happy!

Carrie: What is your most memorable moment or interaction with a guest?
Yvonna: I would have to say that this guest review has been a highlight, "We were referred to Couples by friends who visited the same resort and they told us many times about how great the service is with your resort. Yvonne really proved that to be true already and we are now really looking forward to our honeymoon even more! Thank you so much for having employees like Yvonne who know how to put the customer first. We are VERY grateful for all the work she did to help us and we hope she receives the positive recognition that she truly deserves".

Carrie: Describe Couples Resorts in one word...
Yvonne: Exciting!!

Carrie: What is your greatest achievement to date?
Yvonne: I am delighted that I am given a chance to touch so many lives over the many years which allows me to delightfully offer impeccable services.

Thank you, Yvonne, for all of your hard work and incredible dedication to Couples Resorts! We are blessed to know and to love you as part of our family.

One love,


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Yvonne is exceptional is providing service to clients I took my friends to Negril Couples for a day
Love all the Couples resort and I have been to them all.

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