Uniquely Romantic Gift Ideas

Hi Couples family,

Happy holidays to you and your families! This is my favorite time of year and I hope you are soaking in every bit of festive cheer with family and loved ones.

Because the holidays can bring along potential stress and anxiety when it comes to gift-giving for that extra special person, I have created the below list of unique and romantic gift ideas to help you along this hectic holiday season.

Find the coordinates for your favorite place on a map and name a star after your loved one above that location. Location ideas include your first date spot, your favorite Couples Resort, where you were married, where you live, where you bought your first home together, etc. Select a place that is special to you and your relationship and contact a company to find a star nearest your romantic destination.

Bring an ornament to Jamaica. On your next visit to Jamaica, bring along a special ornament that encompasses your love story at Couples Resorts, and ask the GM or Operations Manager if you could add the ornament to the Christmas tree decor in honor of you and your love. Bonus points if you make it back to the resort at Christmas time to surprise him/her in person with the ornament adorning the tree.

Create a photo slideshow. This is one of my favorite traditions to do for my husband each Christmas. I compile all of the digital photos we've taken over the course of the year and create a slideshow on my computer with accompanying music to share with him Christmas morning before we open any gifts. We sit with our coffee in our PJs and reminisce about how wonderful a year it has been.

Write a Christmas Love Letter. Another one of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my husband and I write each other a love letter to open Christmas Eve. Christmastime can be so romantic, and it's such a special exchange before we go to bed and await the arrival of St. Nick Christmas morning. 

Recreate your first date. Whether it's on Christmas Day or after the holiday, give him or her a note with a "Save the Date" and keep it a surprise, but make a plan to recreate your first date for the ultimate holiday gift as you reminisce and stroll down memory lane.

Happiest of holidays!


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