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    Default hot tubs

    does anyone know where the hot tubs are located i cant seem to find them on any couples grounds map???

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    Which Couples?

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    Yes, many people do.
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    Default hot tubs

    was looking for locations of hot tubs at csa, does anyone know where they are?

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    sorry was looking for hottub locations at csa

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    The ones I can recall are next to the north pool by the Palms, about the middle of the rooms between the old & new sections ( east of the main sidewalk), the fitness center across the street north of the pool, and I'm pretty sure there was one near the swim up bar pool. Those are the ones I remember but I'm sure someone will post if I missed any.

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    How late is the hot tub at the spa open? I love the light and thought it might be nice to go over later when it's quiet.

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    I have never seen the one by the Palms open. Last year there was a sign by it in April and Oct saying it was closed for cleaning or maintenance or something. I can only think of the ones rjammin mentioned but there are actually two by the swim up bar, one on each side.

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    Default jacuzzi

    Hot tubs are "jacuzzi's" on the CSA map.

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