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    Default Scuba Question - CN

    I just enrolled the wife in a PADI scuba class here. They talked about a "Referral program" where she can do the classroom work and enclosed pool pre-requisites here and have an instructor in Jamaica sign off on her open water dive requirement while visiting CN in May.

    Is there a fee for having the Jamaican instructor do this? If so, how much?

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    There will be a fee, I can't recall right off how much it is but someone else will have that info I'm sure. It's generally a pretty close cost to what it would be to do it at home, your shop at home will give you a discount on the price of the class at home but then you will have to pay for this dive in Jamaica. The year we took our class we planned to do the same thing but there were storms in the area and the water was rough so they weren't doing certification dives. We ended up doing it several months later at home and to be honest I'm glad we did in the end. The certification dive isn't just a dive, it's a skills test. So while it's great to be diving in Jamaica it's much more fun to get your certification done at home and do some "real" diving. Just the way we felt about it, others may have a different thought.

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    Yes, there will absolutely be a fee for this. I'm don't know what it is, but if nones replies with a recent price, I would contact Couples and ask.
    It's a great way to do it if you live somewhere land locked. I don't, but the water here is cold and murky, so years ago I got certified by referral, finishing in Australia. (yes, since then I have dove the cold murky waters here, lol)
    It will cost more overall but it is SO worth it to not have to waste time on your vacation with studying, quizzes, knowledge reviews the exam and doing skills in the pool.
    I take it you are already certified? If so, you know there is some work and time involved.

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    Augh, Diving CN. The best instructors around!!!
    Yes there is a fee to become PADI certified. BUT, i think your doing it right, get all that paperwork and pool stuff out of the way, go to CN for her open water and your good to dive togethor.
    Craig, Shrek, and Richard will take great care of ya.

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    Yes there will be a fee but totally worth it. We just got back from a one week dive trip in Roatan where hubby took his Advanced Open Water and we both got Nitrox certified. Lost out on 3 dives because of having to do the homework.

    Better for your wife to do the classroom and pool sessions at home and then just have to do her 4 dives there. You can e-mail the dive shop for the cost of a "referral".


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    Yes, I'm certified already. Been a few years so I'm doing a refresher course with her. Its land locked here and at this time of year, all of the open water dive locations offered are in south Texas or Arizona, I think. 1st lake dive here is scheduled for late April which would work. Its $100 for the lake trip for her. If the cost was about the same, I was thinking it might be more fun to finish it at CN.

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    Thanks for the input. For general info, its $250. Phoned the dive shop.

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