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    Default 7 weeks till CSS

    This is our first post, I have been getting very excited reading all the comments! We will be in CSS in 7 weeks for our 25th wedding anniversary. This will be our first all-inclusive trip and would welcome any tips. Do we need to pack toiletries? Are reservations needed every night for dinner? We are 50 & 61 yrs. old, are we too old to climb the Dunns River Falls? LOL My husband (61) say we are not! Thanks for you're in-put, We will be there April 18-25 would love to meet anyone staying during that time!

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    Hello and welcome to the Couples family, we will be there at the same time. You are going to love CSS, its as romantic and peaceful as it gets. As for Dunns River, you should go, its beautiful and if it looks too strenuous, there are walking paths beside the falls. Bring water shoes with you. Plan to go on April 22, 23 or the 24th as no cruise ships are in port on those days and it will be a lot less crowded. Also, schedule a couples massage cliffside for the same day. It will help with any sore muscles from the climb. There are toiletries in the room including shampoo, lotion, soap and aloe, but i do bring my own. Reservations are required at Casanova and Palazzina but can't be made until you arrive. Bella Vista also serves dinner on the beach and does not require reservations. Our favorite is Casanova but they are all wonderful. The resort is at full capacity that week so I'm not sure if that will make it more difficult to get reservations. Last year, we were there at the same time and had no trouble at all and it never felt crowded. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!!!

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    Me and my boyfriend will be making our first trip to CSS in 7 weeks too. We will there 17-24 hope to see you there

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    T&R Thanks so much for the info, sound like you have been there a few times! That's a good sign! Hope to meet you & marguline in April (:

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    My husband Michael and I will also be at CSS that week.......16th until the 23rd. We are sooo looking forward to it! Our first visit was in April, 2009 and we loved it so much, we booked for April, 2010, however due to an unfortunate auto accident which involved many injuries, we had to cancel last we are REALLY looking forward to it this year! You will absolutely love CSS. There are lots of things to do at the resort on or off, or you can just sit and do nothing beautifully.
    We will also be celebrating our anniversary that week - 33 years!!
    Hope to meet all of you there!
    Please fee free also to contact us as well, if you have questions.
    Sherry & Michael

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