First, I would like to thank most everyone on here for all the great information and tips on (but not limited to) choosing, booking, planning, and traveling not to mention eating, drinking, exploring, partying, sleeping, drinking, swimming, parting, relaxing, did I mention drinking and parting...anyway... to all the great locations Couples offers. It seems every time I log on here I learn some new awesome service that is included with a stay at couples and using the search feature I was able to get most all of my questions answered.

I can tell I'm in good company on here with those of you who obsess over their vacations by getting as much information as possible and booking the best deal (but while on vacation, especially Jamaica, things change!!!). After I booked my trip (after lots of comparison shopping) I of course still check to see if a better deal comes out for the same time period. And of course Delta opened up a new flight non-stop flight out of Atl for cheaper (not much cheaper) then what I booked, but im over it(still got a great deal). But it looks like now most online sites, including couples, has it completely booked (glad I got on when I did!!)

It is reassuring to have read that people have gone down to CSA while at full capacity and still got a sense of escape and privacy and not having their experience diminished

The GF and I are super excited about going down May 2-8. Its her first time to Jamaica and my second (but first time to Negril and a couples resort). Its probably the last time in a while I can take a trip like this due to starting my masters in the fall. There are so many things I'm excited about with all the included excursions, the beach parties, reggae,....but most of all just parking my butt in the sand with a cold Red Stripe!!

I know its going to be an awesome experience (and I apologize for rambling, because I doubt you really care about my trip!). The only thing I'm would really like to figure out is what time i need to leave to catch my flight back @11:45 am (on a Tuesday) and if the shuttles start back that early to make it. Some have said to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance!! plus the hour plus trip to get there...i don't think so. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

(and for my closing, after much deliberation, I will choose what the automated couples message board welcome uses.. because its just awesome!!!)