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    Default CSS beachfront room pictures please?

    Well, after months of getting excited about our reservation for an oceanfront room at CSS, we switched to a beachfront room. (Couldn't pass up the Wednesday special a few weeks ago). Can anyone share pictures of/from those rooms? We will probably be requesting a room on the top floor. Thanks!

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    First of all, there are no Beachfront Rooms at CSS. They are all suites. They used to be called Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites. They are beautiful suites in building blocks A and B. Here are some pictures of B4:

    The bathroom also has a full walk-in shower and make-up area in the other end.
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    We stayed in B36 (which is on the top floor) and it looked exactly the same as the photos Wally posted. Here's some views from our suite.
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    we will be in a beachfront suite in about 8 more days......ok EXACTLY in 8 days.......will take pics and post them. we can't wait!

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